Corporate Partners

CAPACRAO is thankful for the generous support of its 2017-2018 corporate partners.


Building off 22+ years of excellence in the software development industry, Leepfrog Technologies redefines the academic catalog, curriculum and scheduling management experience with its flagship suite of products – CourseLeaf. Our core philosophy is grounded on furnishing tailored, online solutions that deliver maximum efficiencies and a seamless user experience for academia. CourseLeaf was the first software in the marketplace to deliver fully-integrated modules with unrivalled SIS integration to keep your data accurate, timely, and in sync. Today, CourseLeaf continues its mission to enrichen higher education with a robust section scheduling tool and pre-flight registration utility that promotes student and faculty success.



Digarc is the leading provider of academic catalog and curriculum management solutions for higher education, serving 500 clients of all sizes. Our solutions set the standard for ease of use and robust functionality with world-class support. Curriculog, a fully configurable curriculum management system, tames the chaos, and liberates faculty and committees from broken curriculum approval processes. Providing full control of forms, steps, notifications, and agendas, and significantly shortens approval cycles. Our Acalog e-catalog software showcases your institution with complete, accurate information, and includes tools for students to search, save, and chart a path for academic success. And, it greatly reduces administrative production cycles, compared to traditional approaches.


Paradigm, Inc is a full-service diploma and diploma cover company that specializes in the printing and mailing of documents directly to students. Home to the Certified Electronic Diploma (CeDiploma®) the only document in the industry that provides absolute proof of education and is the only solution that is verified real-time by the issuing institution. Accepted by employers, governments and credentialing boards worldwide. Paradigm provides exceptional customer service, guaranteed 10-day turnaround, superb accuracy with a simple on-line ordering system, contact us today for more information.

Parchment is where learners collect, store, and work with the credentials they earn over the course of their life. ... With one place to collect all of the credentials they earn, it's simple to send official transcripts, diplomas or certificates to destinations around the globe.

A leading provider of enterprise cloud applications, Workday delivers financial management, human capital management, and analytics applications designed for the world’s largest organizations.




SCRIP-SAFE is a trusted supplier of secure paper transcripts and diplomas for over 2000 colleges and universities. From its inception in 1989, SCRIP-SAFE pioneered ground-breaking security features and established the most highly regarded customer service program in the business. In addition to providing secured paper transcripts, SCRIP-SAFE’s unique Diplomas on Demand® service allows in-office printing that includes all signatures and honors, etc. Its Diplomas on Demand Elite program offers a prompt and reliable diploma fulfillment and direct-to-graduate mailing service. Both programs support long-term archival storage of all issued diplomas. Of course, SCRIP-SAFE offers diploma covers, mailing tubes and envelopes. Today and every day, the entire Cincinnati based SCRIP-SAFE team is dedicated to earning your trust.