The Future of Enrollment Services

Please join CAPACRAO at our Winter meeting, being held on December 10, 2018 at Morgan State University. The theme of the conference is "The Future of Enrollment Services," a ted-talk style and round-table look at the future of our profession. Speakers will spend their time talking about areas and topics that define who and what we are, and where we are going.

Invited speakers include:

  • Thomas C. Black, Assistant Vice Provost & University Registrar, Johns Hopkins University

    • Title: An Update on the Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR)

  • Doug McKenna, Registrar, American University

    • Title: Presence in the Future: Remaining Grounded Amidst Technological Flights of Fancy

    • Description: Technology is affecting every part of the work the Registrar performs for the university community. As much changes, much remains the same. How are you going to manage yourself and your staff to remain present and grounded as technology changes the rest of the landscape around us?

  • Cassandra Moore, Assistant Director – Enrollment Development & Admissions, Anne Arundel Community College

    • Title: The Future of Enrollment Services: A Community College Perspective, Our Present May Be Our Future!

    • Description: Upon reflection of the issues we are facing in enrollment services, I have determined that the problems that we are currently experiencing WILL BE our future, unless, we know the following about our future students:

      • Who they are.
      • How they view post-secondary education.
      • How they expect to receive their education.
      • The services they expect to receive to support their goals.
      • Who is the competition? Where will they go if we don’t deliver?

      We will discuss knowing who our future students are, and what must do to attract, enroll and retain them based on their expectations.

  • Nicole Marano, Dean of Students, University of Baltimore

  • Michael Reilly, Executive Director, AACRAO

    • Title:  Despite all the challenges, what a great time it is to be an Enrollment Services Professional

    • Description: Enrollment professionals are facing budget cuts, staff shortages, changing technologies and often unattainable enrollment goals .  Despite all of these challenges it truly is a great time to be a member of our profession.  This session will look at the challenges we face but provide some hope for those who are entering or want to move up in the profession.

  • Tracey Jamison, Director of Articulation and Enrollment Services, University System of Maryland

    • Title: The Evolution of the Student: Recruiting, Admitting and Serving the Dual Enrollment and Early Middle College Student and Parent

    • Description: Recently, there has been an increase in the dual enrollment opportunities provided to high school students. Albeit not a new type of student, how we handle these students and meet the expectations of parents is evolving. 

  • Seth Kamen, Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Recruitment and Strategy, University of Baltimore

    • Title: Let's not ask for buy-in anymore...

    • Description: How do we build a community to help meet our goals? How can we engage faculty to help recruit? How can we bring people along for the ride? How do we no longer get "buy-in" but rather build collaboration?

  • Round-table Topics may include:
    • Community College Topics
    • Private Institution Topics
    • Registrar Issues
    • Admission Issues
    • Transfer Issues
    • Financial Aid Issues
    • Technology Usage
    • AACRAO's Criminal and Disciplinary History in Admissions Work Group Listening Session

Interested in presenting? We are still accepting topics and presenters. Please email [email protected] for information.

The meeting will also include our annual business meeting, at which proposed by-law changes will be voted on. The new CAPACRAO board will also be chosen.

Cost per attendee: $35.00. RSVP Here.


Registrations may be transferred to another member at your institution up to five days prior to conference.  Refunds are generally not issued but please feel free to email us at [email protected].